For a more complete experience, select the CUBE App in Chinese to access more functions and services.

If Chinese is not your primary language, the CUBE App is also available in English! Let's see what functions and services are available.

Apply / Reset Password


Apply at a branch

  • Please bring your national ID or Alien Residence Certificate(ARC) and original specimen seal you used when opening an account, and visit any CUB branches for application.


Apply via Online Banking - CUBE

  • Please refer to the instructions below to apply via Online Banking - CUBE.

If you wish to use credit card functions or other functions such as payments and currency exchanges, we recommend using the Online Banking – CUBE for a better and more complete service.

If you wish to use functions such as TWD account/foreign currency account inquiries, exchange rate inquiries, and TWD account transfers, we recommend using the CUBE App.

Functions In The CUBE App (English)


Biometric FIDO Authentication (via facial or fingerprint recognition)

* You will first have to set up a biometric login with the CUBE App in Chinese.

Pattern lock


TWD account

Foreign currency account

Exchange rate


Inter-account transfer

Non-designated transfer

Designated transfer

* To set up accounts for non-designated or designated account transfers, please visit one of our branches.

Transaction password

Facial recognition

* You will first have to set up a Facial recognition with the CUBE App in Chinese.
* Currently not applicable to foreign national.

First-Time Login

Transfer Function

For CUB depositors only

Activate Transaction Password

When you make a transfer to a non-designated account using the CUBE App, you will be asked to enter your transaction password to proceed with the transfer. You can apply for one at Step 3 of the transfer process.

* To activate your transaction password, you will need an OTP (one-time password) received via SMS. The SIM card must be provided by one of the five major telecom companies in Taiwan or by ibon mobile.