User Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the official website of Cathay United Bank! Cathay United Bank declares our respect for your personal privacy and our commitment to protecting your privacy in compliance with the relevant legal requirements. The following describes the User Privacy Policy of this website to set your mind at ease when using various services provided by this website, and to provide a clear and transparent description of how this website collects, utilizes, and protects personal information that you have provided:

Personal Information Collection Policy

We may ask you to provide your name, personal identification number, address, telephone number, e-mail or other relevant information when you participate in online events, online surveys, registering your membership or apply for relevant services. Additionally, we may also retain certain records automatically generated by the server when you are browsing or searching for information online. These records include but are not limited to the IP address of the device you are using to get online, the browser used, time spent, and contents of information browsed and selected. Please note that other websites connected to this website may collect your personal information as well. The User Privacy Policy of this website does not apply to records and data management measures for any personal information that you willingly provide to these other websites or other user privacy policies that these websites have stipulated.

Personal Information Handling Policy

Personal information collected by this website shall be used for the specific purposes stated during the time of the collection. All personal information involved when using online service applications shall be transferred to the organization responsible for the provision of the said service to facilitate subsequent communication with you. For various online activities, said personal information shall be collected for purposes that include providing questionnaires, notification of raffles results as well as performing of commercial and market analysis. For the purpose, target, time, and relevant information regarding the use of personal information, please refer to the contents of the event website. This website will not employ personal information for purposes other than those specified.

Cookie Usage Policy

Cookies are short messages written by the browser into the user's hard drive in order to categorize different user preferences at the server end. You may change the degree of acceptance of cookies of your browser by going to the browser settings. There are three degrees of acceptance, namely accept all cookies, notify users when cookies are changing relevant settings, or refuse all cookies. If you choose to refuse all cookies, you may be unable to use some of personalized services offered by the website, and may not be able to participate in a number of events. The purpose of cookies is to provide you with better and more personalized services and to facilitate your participation with personalized and interactive activities. Cookies will be established when you register or login to the system, and will be changed when you log out. Also, in order to statistically analyze the number of visitors as well as browsing behavior and to understand website surfing statuses in order to provide a reference for website service improvements, this website shall access Cookies written into your browser in compliance with the principles stated in this Policy.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties Policy

This website shall not sell, exchange, lease, or disclose your personal information to other groups or individuals without authorization. The following lists the three exceptions to this rule where this website will share your personal information to a third party:

When you have provided your agreement or authorization.

When a judicial agency or other competent authority has, through formal and legal procedures, demands access. When this website needs to share your personal information to a third party providing services or benefits for your interest, this website shall fully provide you with the relevant details and notifications during the activity. You may freely choose to accept or reject this service or benefit.

Email and Business Information Transmission Policy

In order to improve overall services, contents being transmitted and delivered by this website shall include services as well as benefits not provided by Cathay United Bank. We shall provide you with adequate details during the event. You are free to choose whether to accept this specific service or activity. If you choose to accept this service, this website shall guarantee that any information registered to this website or Cathay United Bank will not be transferred to any third party. After acquiring your consent before or after registration, you shall receive commercial information or email accordingly. In addition to specifying that we are the deliverer of the said information or email, this website shall also provide method, instructions, or functional links in the said information or email on how to stop receiving this information or email at any time.


This website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in order to protect information that you have provided to prevent third party access during data transmission process. Cathay United Bank is dedicated to provide secure information environments and establishes firewalls, encryption technologies, user identification systems (such as passwords and account settings), and access control systems in order to manage the accessibility of personal information. Please ensure proper safekeeping of your personal information, CA certificates or passwords. Do not provide your personal information, especially your password, to other individuals or institutions. It is important that you log out of this website after using the various services provided. If you are using a shared or public computer, please remember to close the browser window in order to prevent other individuals from accessing your personal information or documents.

Changes to the privacy policy

The privacy policy declared by this website shall be changed at any time deemed necessary by Cathay United Bank to better protect your privacy. We advise you to review our new privacy policy and its relevant changes when you visit this website again.

Contact information for the consumers

Cathay United Bank has stipulated this privacy policy in order to protect the user's personal information and maintain online privacy. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or personal information, you may use the Contact Us option in this website to communicate with us. We will then furnish you with detailed explanations.